maralyn was given the recipe for a delicious pecan toffee by a friend, who eventually moved to florida. while the warm southern climate was certainly enjoyable for maralyn’s friend, the toffee did not respond well to heat and humidity, and she could no longer make the delicious treat.

still residing in the dry, chilly north, maralyn prepared the cherished recipe and gave the candy to friends as christmas gifts. those perfectly roasted georgian pecans smothered in rich buttery toffee were undeniably mouthwatering, and soon maralyn was receiving requests for extra large batches so her friends could give them to friends of their own. word spread, and elan was born.

due to popular demand, more space was needed. elan moved out of maralyn’s kitchen to a storefront in grosse pointe woods. each batch of elan is still hand made and hand dipped in milk or dark chocolate, or left plain for the purest of heart.

to this day, elan is a family run business, and if you stop in you may meet maralyn’s children, grandchildren, and beloved friends who run the shop.Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.42.03 AM